Diagnostic Tools

Identify areas for improvement in your business and personal life

Explore our full range of diagnostics below, which allow you to rate yourself against a series of questions about a specific topic.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be provided with an indication of your strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve.

Business Change Success

Research tells us there is only a 30% probability any change initiative will succeed. This is because most business people adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change – but you can improve this probability of change success?

Business Culture

Complete these 24 questions in 4 minutes to assess against 10 key factors, the top 3 areas that are working well and top 3 areas you need to work on to improve the culture in your business. 

Business Scale-Up

Scaling up a business is often easier said than done especially in unpredictable and challenging market environments.

Scaling up involves accelerating growth but also boosting business value through a variety of factors.

Coaching Ability

As leaders, it’s important to have the capabilities to coach and support your teams.

Where should you focus your time to build new skills to improve your coaching ability?

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is about being in touch with one’s self, knowing one’s self, knowing how to connect with others and being aware of one’s impact on others.

These are all key skills for a leader and are vital for both personal and professional success.

Family Business

Family businesses are the backbone of the Scottish Economy.

We use 30 questions and 10 key factors to identify the top 3 strengths and weaknesses in your family business.

Growth & Profit

Are you struggling to prioritise your business issues and opportunities and need to work out what to focus on to accelerate the growth and profit of your business?


Innovation is a critical attribute for any business to embrace in order to keep their operations as well as their products and services at the cutting edge.


Regardless of whether we run a business, manage or are part of a team we all lead in some way. But leadership styles vary greatly

Are you a visionary, a great implementer, strategic thinker or team coach?

Life Balance

Having a balanced life is not about being perfect in all areas.

It is about ensuring that any emphasis that may be put into one or more areas of your life is not causing an in-balance and issues in other areas.


Listening is one of those critical skills that are absolutely mandatory for leaders to both have and to be able to effectively demonstrate.

Having two ears and hearing is not the same as actively listening. Poor listening skills too is the one area that causes the most conflict in communication.


How will you achieve greater cut through with your marketing to your target customers in an increasingly cluttered market?

Where are your opportunities to improve your marketing strategy?

Performance Enhancement

If you have a team member who has stagnated in their role, high performers who have plateaued in their development or are struggling with productivity levels due to poor performers, you can help your team achieve their best with Performance Enhancement Coaching.

Personal Change Success

Boosting the odds of changing things in your life from 30% to 80%.

This tool will help you identify areas for improvement and implementing strategies to achieve change success.

Personal Resilience

Having good personal resilience is about how well you bounce back from adversity in your personal or business life.

How can you improve your own levels of resilience?


Do you have the profit levels you wish for in your business?

Does it run as efficiently as you would like?

Referral Ready

Complete these 24 questions in 4 minutes to assess against 10 key factors, the top 3 areas that are working well and top 3 areas you need to work on to improve the culture in your business. 

Risk Assurance

How confident are you that your organisation’s risk assurance arrangements are robust, and provide the right information, at the right time, to mitigate or exploit risks?


A critical capability for any business is the ability to sell its products/services effectively.

Where can you improve your sales skills?


In difficult economic times where do you as a leader need to focus your energies to ensure you can survive and navigate the business through as successfully as possible?

VAT Risk Diagnostic

Through our simple VAT Risk Diagnostic, you will be able to identify from 10 key risk factors the top 3 areas that are working well and top 3 areas you need to work on to improve your business’ assurance that you meet your VAT obligations.

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