The First Tuesday Club – August 2021

2021-08-03 11:00:00-11:50am

The future of the workplace and flexible working

Around 80% of employers and employees in Scotland say that COVID has changed the way we work forever, with demand for flexible working at an all-time high. Although the stats stack up for more flex in the future, most people are only looking for small changes that will enhance their work-life harmony and could also prove fruitful for employers.

At this session, Nikki Slowey from Flexibility Works will share the headlines from Flexibility Work’s recent research along with some practical insights around what businesses can do right now to get ready to make the most of a more flexible working future. She is one of Scotland’s leading experts in flexible working and has dedicated the past six years to directly supporting and encouraging employers to create flexible workplaces. She is a regular media commentator, public speaker and has contributed to research and books on flexible working.