The First Tuesday Club – December 2021

2021-12-07 11:00:00-11:50am

Every Word Counts: How conscious communication can make you happier and boost business for good

In a world where we write, type, text, and absorb more words than ever, how can you find meaning in something that’s taken for granted Linguist and consultant, Eloise Leeson, will be chatting with us about how we can make our language and communication more effective and impactful.

Eloise is a trained linguist and communications specialist, Eloise Leeson founded her own company, Olim, after working with brands like Deliveroo, Edinburgh Gin, and BrewDog. Eloise works to help businesses close the gap between what they think they’re saying, and what’s actually being received by their customers. Passionate about empowering people through language, Eloise works to ensure that every single word communicated delivers increased engagement, real value, and visible results.

Join us to find out how we can become more conscious with our words – so that we’re happier, and our customers are, too.