The First Tuesday Club

Business Networking Group 

Welcome to The First Tuesday Club!

Our club is an online networking group with the purpose to learn, grow and network.

The club will take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 11am. We have a fantastic line-up of speakers and topics and each event will also feature a short break out session for you to meet fellow First Tuesday Club participants. 

The event is aimed at business owners and those in senior management positions. It is free to attend but you must register in advance.

The Next Session - 3rd August - 11am

🎤 Nikki Slowey, Co-Founder & Director
Flexibility Works

📌 The future of the workplace and flexible working

Around 80% of employers and employees in Scotland say that COVID has changed the way we work forever, with demand for flexible working at an all-time high. Although the stats stack up for more flex in the future, most people are only looking for small changes that will enhance their work-life harmony and could also prove fruitful for employers.

At this session, Nikki Slowey from Flexibility Works will share the headlines from Flexibility Work’s recent research along with some practical insights around what businesses can do right now to get ready to make the most of a more flexible working future. She is one of Scotland’s leading experts in flexible working and has dedicated the past six years to directly supporting and encouraging employers to create flexible workplaces. She is a regular media commentator, public speaker and has contributed to research and books on flexible working.

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Where will the session take place?

The forum will take place on Zoom which is free to use.

  • We will get in touch with you a day before the forum is due to take place, with a link to join us.
  • If you already have a Zoom account, we recommend you log in to view or watch through the desktop app.
  • If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can join the session without logging in to Zoom by viewing through your web browser on a desktop or laptop.
  • Please note, if you’re joining the session on a phone or through Safari on a Mac, you will need to download the Zoom app to view.

Previous Sessions

🕒 Tuesday 1st June 2021

📌 Miles Duncan, LinkedIn Success Systems

📌 Steve Ponton, LinkedIn Success Systems

In the session, Miles & Steve talked through three key areas for success on LinkedIn. Your first digital impression counts more than ever now so to ensure you are aligned and optimised, they covered 8 quick fixes you can do to your profile.

🕒 Tuesday 4th May 2021

📌 Jacqueline Watson, MHA Henderson Loggie

📌 Andy Campell, MHA Henderson Loggie

📌 Emily mathieson, MHA Henderson Loggie

At May’s session, we were joined by our very own marketing team for a First Tuesday Club first. They discussed what you can do to set new goals, plan for growth and boost your marketing in 2021. 

🕒 Tuesday 6th April 2021

📌 Kyle Murtagh, Confidence By Design

📌 Ruby Sweeney, The Events Hub

At April’s session, we were joined by two presenters; Kyle Murtagh, Presentation Skills Coach & Author at Confidence By Design who shared hints and tips to help you improve your virtual presentations. We were also joined by Ruby Sweeney, Managing Director at The Events Hub who shared with us her experience of running events in person and now virtual events.

🕒 Tuesday 2nd March 2021

📌 Sales in the new virtual world – Jason Langford-Brown

At March’s session, we were joined by Jason Langford-Brown, Head of Europe & Coaching Psychologist at Sales Shift. Jason discussed sales in the new virtual world; what’s working, what’s not working and what’s not changed.

🕒 Tuesday 2nd February 2021

📌 Reducing Anxiety and Stress with Control – Gin Lalli

Gin explained the solution-focused approach to control, how control is a constant and why being a control freak can be absolutely positive. She talked about mind-management techniques to reduce your anxiety and stress.

🕒 Tuesday 12th January 2021

📌 Susannah Brade-Waring, Managing Director, Aspirin Business Solutions 

In her talk on Motivation, Mindset and Money, Susannah, discussed some myths around motivation, and revealed the link between stress, flow and productivity, to help you lead happy high-performing teams during COVID-19.

🕒 Tuesday 1st December 2020

📌 Leadership Learnings & Volunteering for mental Wellbeing – Caroline McKenna

At December’s event we heard from Caroline McKenna, CEO of Social Good Connect.

Caroline shared with us some leadership learnings as life as a CEO, what has got her through the last 8 months, and also the benefits of volunteering for your mental health and wellbeing. 

🕒 Tuesday 3rd November 2020

📌 Practical Wellbeing & The House of Four Rooms – Karran Bonner 

At November’s session, we covered the concept of the House of Four Rooms with guest speaker Karran Bonner (Brightside). 

Karran shared techniques that can help you control elements of your wellbeing.

🕒 Tuesday 6th October 2020

📌 Michele Aaen, Managing Director, Drone Scotland

At October’s session, we heared from Michele Aean, the Managing Director of Drone Scotland. Michelle shared with us her leadership journey, what leadership traits she thinks are important in today’s world, what she has learned from 2020 and what inspires her.

🕒 Tuesday 1st September 2020

📌 Mental health in the workplace – Gin Lalli

At the first event, we heard from Gin Lalli who is a a Solutions Focused Therapist.

In the session Gin discussed stress and mental health in the workplace, how COVID-19 and lockdown have changed the way we work forever and what the future workplace will look like.