MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning

With effect from 1 April 2019, we have changed our name from Henderson Loggie Financial Services Ltd to Henderson Loggie Financial Planning Ltd to more accurately reflect what we do. We’re doing this now to coincide with changes being made by our parent company.

In 2011 Henderson Loggie co-founded a national accountancy association called MHA, which brought together nine like-minded accountancy firms covering the UK, to share best practice, knowledge and skills to enhance the local services they offer.  This included associated financial planning firms like us.  

Henderson Loggie are the only Scottish member of the association.  Membership of MHA also gives access to an international network of accountancy firms called Baker Tilly International.  To reflect our commitment to the association, we are introducing a new logo and have rebranded as MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning.  We trust that you will like the look and feel of the new branding.

Whilst this represents a change for the firm, we remain an independent Scottish business, with no changes to the ownership or people.  Henderson Loggie played a key part in the formation of MHA and would now like to emphasise the benefits of this to our clients. The locally delivered service we pride ourselves in supplying will continue to be our focus, so you will not see any changes to the day to day service you currently receive.

There is no change to our engagement with our clients, it is simply that the services will now be provided by Henderson Loggie Financial Planning Ltd trading as MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning key contact or email