Business Leader Group: July 2020

How and where will you thrive post-COVID-19? Evolving your business/team structures

In this workshop, we looked at how and where will business thrive post-COVID-19. Now that global restrictions begin to ease and businesses start to emerge to a COVID-safe new normal, where will be the opportunities to continue to innovate and adapt business/team structures?

In this challenging period, we will continue critical discussions required between leaders to share best practice as they navigate through this period of surviving, pivot/adapting and thriving during the COVID-19 crisis.

Topics and strategies discussed included:

  • Insights on where in the Survive – Pivot/Adapt – Thrive Roadmap businesses now find themselves
  • Insights from peers on how they are navigating this next stage of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Where are opportunities to thrive in your business and role post the worst of COVID-19
  • What business and team structures adaptions will stick and what will return to normal post COVID-19
  • What key actions you should be taking over the next 30 days

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