We are relocating our head office from Royal Exchange in Panmure Street to the Vision Building in Greenmarket.  The new offices will be operating from 9.00am onwards on January 5th.

The firm has been at Royal Exchange since December 1997 following the merger with the Dundee Office of KPMG. Prior to that Henderson Loggie was further along Panmure Street at number 11, at one time the Dundee Post Office.

Henderson Loggie Managing Partner, David Smith, says:

“The reason for the move is to fit with our growth aspirations. It’s a modern office with an inspiring design and having everyone on one floor will suit collaborative working between our teams. With a lot of glass in the design providing excellent natural light, it will ensure a welcoming and approachable feel.  A big plus is the improved access and parking for our clients compared to our present site and, in addition, with the V&A on its way there is a gravitational pull for the city centre to move towards the river.”

The Vision Building is a former jute mill that has been converted into a hi-spec modern office which operates as a 24/7 basis for a number of different businesses, several of which are in the games industry.

We look forward to seeing you there!