HMRC’s Advance Assurance

Henderson Loggie would like to offer a free consultation on HMRC’s Advance Assurance for a first Research & Development small company claim

HMRC have launched an Advance Assurance (“AA”) program for small companies who are making a first Research & Development (“R&D”) Tax Relief claim.  We would like to offer you a free consultation to help you get started with this new scheme.

This is a voluntary and non-statutory scheme for companies that are undertaking R&D and for those considering undertaking R&D.  Advanced Assurance will focus on first time claimant smaller companies (definition as those with a turnover under £2m and fewer than 50 employees). Successful applicants will have assurance from HMRC that their first 3 years of R&D tax relief claims will be accepted.

Henderson Loggie – our experience

  • We have claimed more than £6m for Scottish based clients, with a 100% success rate across our offices in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • We have lodged claims in all major sectors including manufacturing, engineering, oil & gas, software, technology, medical, pharmaceutical and renewables.
  • A free consultation will help you complete your Advance Assurance application as a first step to prepare a no-risk, successful R&D Tax Relief claim application, allowing you to maximise the value of your R&D Tax Relief claims.

Could I obtain the Advance Assurance myself?

  • Possibly, but any errors may result in your application being rejected.
  • HMRC will assess your application based on what you tell them and will not question the information you supply, even if it incorrectly suggests that you do not qualify.
  • An incorrect or incomplete Advance Assurance application may conclude that you are non-qualifying when in fact you are.

To get started with your claim and your Advance Assurance application, please contact Barbara Walton (Senior Manager) on