Top 10 Tips for Resonate Games Festival 2016

Resonate Games Festival is a fantastic opportunity for games developers to showcase what their hard work and determination has produced. But how can you, as a developer, make sure you have a successful weekend? We have some top tips to help through the weekend as well as ideas for encouraging players to try out your game demo.

  1. Make sure the game demo doesn’t last too long per session by adding a clear ending or timer. This will help to reduce waiting times and limit the number of
  2. Don’t try and correct player mistakes unless they are totally stuck. If a number of players are getting stuck at the same point this maybe identifies areas that are in need of development.
  3. Listen to feedback and figure out if you need changes.
  4. Get as many people through your booth in as short a time as possible, giving them the best possible experience.
  5. Run a competition throughout the day to get more traffic to your booth.
  6. Make sure you’re prepared to stand for long periods of time.
  7. Bring water, you’re going to be talking a lot.
  8. Snacks are always a good lure at any event.
  9. See if you can get your hands on a poster of your game. The PC on your desk can often get lost in the crowd. A flag, banner or cardboard cut-out could also drag a lot of attention.
  10. Bring business cards and flyers that people can take away with them.

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