Online Forum for Accountants

📅 Wednesday 17th June
⏱ 11am – 11.45am

What will be covered?

Across the firm, we have a number of accountancy firms we work with where we provide support on a specialist service-only capacity. We want to continue to support our network and following some feedback and interest in the concept, we have decided to create an online forum for the accountancy firms we work with to share some specialist advice and insight.

We will kick off the series with a talk from our HR Director and Head of HR Outsourcing, Fiona Doctor. Fiona will share with you her insights from the last three months including; what has worked well, what has not worked well and what businesses need to do next in terms of Workforce planning. She will look at the following:

  • Job Retention Scheme
  • Annual leave planning
  • Workforce planning
  • Redundancy planning
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Health and Safety
    • Physical and mental health
    • Temporary remote work stations
    • Return to Work Planning

Fiona has over 20 years’ experience in providing HR advice and consultancy services to a wide range of industries, including; professional services, manufacturing, media, marketing, oil & gas and manufacturing businesses. Fiona also spent 7 years working within the HR team at the BBC in London. Fiona leads the HR & Training Team at MHA Henderson Loggie and was instrumental in setting up the HR Outsourcing Services Team, which she also leads. We are delighted to have Fiona kicking off the first event.


To register for our online forum, please complete the form below. There is also the option to send us any question you may have in advance, which Fiona will answer on an anonymous basis during her talk.

Where will the forum take place?

The forum will take place on Zoom which is free to use.

  • We will get in touch with you approximately 1 hour before the forum is due to start with a link to join us.
  • If you already have a Zoom account, we recommend you log in to view or watch through the desktop app.
  • If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can join the forum without logging in to Zoom by viewing through your web browser on a desktop or laptop.
  • Please note, if you’re joining the forum on a phone or through Safari on a Mac, you will need to download the Zoom app to view.