Calum Williamson

Forensic Accounting Assistant

0131 226 0206

I joined Henderson Loggie on a training contract in 2016 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2019.  After completing my training in the Audit department, I moved to the Forensic Accounting team where I currently support two Expert Witnesses in providing forensic accounting services to our clients. 

In my role, I undertake detailed financial analysis and investigation, and draft formal reports and opinions for situations involving actual or anticipated disputes or litigation.  My role also includes the utilisation of computer applications to allow for the detailed analysis of significant volumes of information and converting this into a readily understandable and concise format for use in Court or negotiations by clients.  I have experience of a wide variety of disputes and litigation scenarios including investigations into losses & false accounting, valuations for matrimonial and co-habitation purposes, loss of earnings (personal injury) claims, unjustified enrichment claims and financial tracing exercises.

In my spare time I enjoy rowing at St Andrew Boat Club and home-brewing beer. 

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