Christine Rolland


0141 471 9870

I am a forensic accounting specialist with over ten years’ experience. I was an integral part of the Scottish forensic accounting team in a top-five UK accountancy firm, before then going on to spend four years working as a forensic accountant for HMRC.

I have experience in both civil and criminal litigation, having worked on a range of forensic accounting assignments such as contentious share and business valuations, including matrimonial valuation; business interruption and consequential loss claims, particularly those arising from professional negligence; breach of contract and personal injury claims; analysis of incomplete records; and providing accounting advice and opinion to investigators in tax-related criminal investigations.

I have prepared over 70 expert witness reports and have experience and knowledge of the duties and requirements of expert witnesses in civil and criminal litigation in Scotland. I have taken part in mediations and worked on several expert determinations where parties were keen to seek alternatives to litigation.

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