R&D Tax

R&D Tax Relief Claims

MHA Henderson Loggie’s expert R&D Tax Team has facilitated successful claims for companies across a broad range of sectors. We can help you to obtain the maximum benefit of your R&D Tax Relief claims.

How can we help?

  • Considering all tax years where claims can still be made.
  • Identifying all potentially qualifying R&D activities or projects.
  • Identifying the qualifying expenditure related to those activities or projects.
  • Either collating a detailed R&D claim on your behalf, or helping you to prepare an in-house claim.
  • Submitting the claim for your company and liaising with HMRC to ensure a quick repayment or rebate of tax.
  • Providing training for your staff, along with data collection templates, to simplify claims for future R&D activities and projects.

We have a 100% success rate and to date have recovered £9m in R&D tax credits for our clients.