Business Leader Group Overview: February 2022

Leveraged Leadership – Resetting your strategies for 2022

2022 will be a year full of opportunities for business leaders who leverage the lessons learnt from the pandemic as part of a strategic reset for the year ahead. 

In this workshop/webinar for our Business Leader Group, we looked at ‘Leveraged Leadership – Resetting your strategies for 2022’. 

In this thought-provoking workshop/webinar, we looked at emerging leadership trends, shared day-to-day best practice with experienced peers and developed practical strategies to guide improved decision making and success.

Discussed on the day:

  • Emerging leadership trends for 2022
  • Leveraged leadership
  • Making touch decisions faster as a leader
  • Coaching change

Overall a terrific day with attendees walking away with clarity on practical ways they can leverage themselves more effectively in 2022 and a clear reset plan.