What are the Best Apps for my Cloud Accounting Software?

Data Input


AutoEntry captures and stores the data from your invoices and receipts, allowing you to allocate them to the correct income and expenditure heading, then publishes them through your accounting system, removing the need for manual data input.

Compatible with Xero, Sage Business Cloud and Quickbooks.


ApprovalMax automates the approval of accounts payable and accounts receivable orders. With the ability to set multi-role and multi-tiered approvals, it allows you to set spend control and speeds up the approval process eliminating the need for paper and email approval chasing.

Compatible with Xero and Quickbooks.


Hubdoc pulls all your invoices and received into one secure Hub. Hubdoc then extracts the data from your invoices and receipts, ready for publishing through your accounting system.

Compatible with Xero.

Cash flow


GoCardless improves cash flow by collecting payments by direct debit automatically. Gocardless connects to your accounting software enabling payments to be automatically reconciled.

Compatible with Xero and Quickbooks.



Futrli uses your actual data as a starting point to create Profit & Loss, Balance sheet and Cash flow forecasts. Actuals are updated automatically so you can track progress and scenario functionality allows you to adapt to multiple eventualities.

Compatible with Xero and Quickbooks.


Float is a cash flow forecasting app that allows you to track cash flow based on real-time information.

Compatible with Xero and Quickbooks.

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