Business Improvement

We offer an innovative – yet proven – approach to strategic and business planning. As licensed facilitators, our business improvement team provides practical support and training to help you first define, then achieve your corporate objectives. Using a combination of one-on-one training, workshops and tailored online support, our services include:

  • Strategy development & business planning
  • Succession planning & leadership development
  • Lean management
  • Risk management
  • Access to our Business Leaders Groups

Most business owners would agree that there is scope for improvement in their business. Our business improvement services are designed to help businesses that seek any aspect of improvement.

Strategy development & business planning

The key to any successful planning assignment is recognising that there are two distinct elements. Firstly we work with you to develop the vision/strategy for your business. Secondly we work with you on the equally important business planning element and how you are going to achieve your plan.

Throughout this facilitated process we utilise a wide range of best practice tools and processes including the One Page Business Plan. Once developed, the key is successful implementation and this is an area where we offer ongoing facilitated support.

Succession planning & leadership development

Early planning is critical in this area and our team facilitate this process for you, identifying with you what the key issues are, skills gaps, training and development needs and assist you with implementation.

Lean management

Anywhere between 10% and 25% of an organisation’s total costs, not just direct costs, can be classified as waste. Waste is any activity that does not add value to your end customer, internal or external. Research shows that 80% of organisations do not do anything about it. Our waste reduction process will allow you to identify the waste within your organisation and thereafter start removing it.

Risk management

We work with you to help you identify and prioritise your key strategic risks, and most importantly help you reduce the implications of these key risks.

Business Leaders Group

We run Business Leaders Groups for Chief Executives and Managing Directors of owner managed businesses in Scotland. The groups meet on a quarterly basis, giving members access to a wealth of business and continuous improvement tools and processes and networking opportunities both locally and globally, via our partnership with Mindshop International (a strategic leadership training organisation which operates globally). Contact a member of our Business Improvement Team for more details.

Click here to download a One Page Business Plan