Employee Share Schemes

We offer practical Share Scheme services designed to enhance your business's financial landscape. Our team of experienced accountants and tax specialists is dedicated to creating tailored solutions that align with your company's goals, promoting growth and fostering employee engagement.

We recognise the importance of a well-structured share scheme as a tool for financial management. Our Share Scheme services provide a comprehensive approach that combines financial expertise with a nuanced understanding of your business environment.

Whether you’re a startup aiming to attract and retain talent or an established enterprise seeking to align employee interests with company success, our Share Scheme services cater to your specific needs.

Tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises, EMI schemes offer a tax-efficient way to reward key employees and align their interests with the company’s growth.

Ideal for larger entities who don’t qualify for the EMI scheme. They help to retain key staff as the employee must hold the shares for at least three years to avoid income tax on any gains.

The schemes are more flexible as no HMRC approvals are required when choosing qualifying employees or the value of the shares they receive. They are, however, typically less tax-efficient.

  • Strategic Planning:
    Collaborating closely with you to integrate the share scheme seamlessly into your overall business strategy.
  • Compliance Assurance:
    Staying updated on regulatory requirements to ensure full compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Employer Awareness:
    Guides can be provided advising of chargeable events for your chosen scheme and the pitfalls to be aware of.
  • Employee Education:
    We can provide employee guides tailored to whichever share scheme you decide to implement.
  • Continuous Support:
    Offering ongoing support, adapting the scheme as your business evolves and addressing any questions or concerns.
  • Share Valuations:
    No matter which scheme you choose, it is important to value your shares correctly. Our in-house Corporate Finance Team works closely with the Tax Team to provide robust valuation services to our private company clients.

Drawing on years of industry experience to provide practical solutions for your business.

Prioritising your success through a client-focused approach, working collaboratively to achieve your business objectives.

Staying ahead of industry changes to bring you innovative solutions for a competitive edge.

Explore the possibilities for your business with our Share Scheme services. Contact us today to discuss how we can contribute to your financial stability and employee engagement.

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