Forensic Accounting

We are one of the few firms with a specialist forensic team based in Scotland.

Our highly experienced team has specialised in forensic accounting since the early 1990s, working with litigation lawyers and Counsel on all aspects of civil litigation and fraud-related criminal proceedings where expert accounting input is required.

We have extensive experience in share and business valuations and apply this to a wide range of commercial disputes related to shareholder issues and business sale and purchase disputes.

What we do

  • Litigation support
  • Commercial disputes
  • Contentious share and business valuations
  • Personal injury claims
  • Sale and purchase disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Investigation of fraud, irregularities, false accounting & accounting ‘black holes’
  • Fraud prevention advice
  • Criminal cases including proceeds of crime
  • Independent determinations of disputes
  • Support for mediation

How we help

  • Independent, impartial, objective expert witness opinion
  • Experienced team – over 35 years of combined experience
  • Dedicated forensic accounting resources
  • Specialist backup – tax, insolvency, financial services
  • Extensive courtroom experience
  • Robust, yet easy to understand reporting (formal or informal)
  • Resources and ability to ‘mobilise’ quickly
  • Instructions on behalf of pursuers/defenders / ‘joint single expert’
  • No obligation review of initial papers

Key expertise

  • Unrivalled experience in independent accounting sector in litigation support for civil courts in Scotland
  • Over 650 cases in the last 10 years
  • Extensive caseload in Scotland covering Court of Session, High Court and Sheriff Court jurisdictions

Commercial cases

  • Over 130 cases in the last 10 years
  • Contentious valuations
  • Damages/Loss of profit
  • Sale & purchase dispute
  • Professional negligence quantum
  • Alienation / preference claims / director’s disqualification
  • Banking claims
  • Fraud related issues
  • Negotiation settlements / mediation
  • Independent expert

Financial provision on separation & divorce

  • Over 300 cases in the last 10 years
  • Information gathering – e.g. help with ‘spec’
  • Background investigation on business matters
  • Compilation or clarification of financial information
  • Related specialist input e.g. tax, insolvency

Loss of earnings claims

  • Over 200 cases in the last 10 years
  • Loss of earning (past & future)
  • Loss of value of the business
  • Road traffic accident claims
  • Pursuer – self-employed or partnership or ‘one-man’ company
  • Post-accident claims
  • Clinical negligence
  • Loss of financial support claims