Inheritance Tax & Succession Planning

While Inheritance tax is important to consider, especially with the IHT receipts for HMRC increasing each year it is often not the most important consideration for people when considering long term planning.  The larger concerns are having sufficient savings for a comfortable and happy retirement, long term care, providing for the next generation and protecting assets. 

Inheritance tax planning can often be considered much earlier than many realise and to start during your working life can ensure you are able to fully utilise the many reliefs and planning available. This can also mean you are able to help the next generation when they need it most while making sure you are not leaving yourself short in the future.

Life is constantly changing and there is always something new.  This could be a house move, a promotion at work, a new baby, or less welcome like a relationship problem, the diagnosis of an illness or the death of a loved one.

These are times when is it very important to put in place the right arrangements to provide for yourself and the people you care about for when the unexpected happens.

At MHA Henderson Loggie we can provide expertly tailored advice and solutions to your family’s particular needs and circumstances.

Whether you are planning for retirement or future generations we have the skills required to guide you through this process.

  • Reducing your inheritance tax bill
  • Passing assets on to your family
  • Business succession planning
  • School fee planning
  • Retirement planning

IHT and retirement planning allows you to choose what you want to happen during your lifetime and after your death, making the lives of you and your loved ones much easier. It can also preserve family wealth so it passes down the generations, rather than be lost to IHT or other potential “wealth reducers” such as divorce or residential care fees.

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