Virtual Accountancy Network

Welcome to our virtual accountancy network!

Our group operates as a non-competing, supportive peer network which recognises that not all accountancy firms will have specific specialists for everything an accountant can be asked by clients. It also recognises that sometimes it’s really useful – particularly in challenging times – to simply discuss issues with friendly practitioners in similar positions on a confidential basis where trust is assured. It is open to accountancy firms who wish to share knowledge, network and get information on current issues. This can allow us all to not only provide great client service but ensure strong practice protection.

We meet on a regular basis around every 2 – 3 months for about an hour, with a format of some input from a speaker on a current technical issue, plenary discussion and networking opportunity. Whilst we’re happy to have our specialists provide the updates, we’d always welcome a mix of volunteer speakers so feel free to volunteer!

The Next Session - February

🕒 – Friday 19 February 2021- 11am – 12pm

 📌- Payroll projections and 2021/2022 updates – Avril Craig

At our first event of 2021, we will have Avril Craig talking all things payroll. She will look ahead to the 21/22 tax year for payroll and provide an update to the Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme. She will also discuss the developments in payroll software. 

You can connect with Avril on LinkedIn in advance of the session. 

Previous Sessions

🕒 Thursday 22 October 2020

📌 Future planning, director’s duties & responsibilities – Shona Campbell, Partner

📌 Cashflow management – Rod Mathers, Partner

At October’s session, two of our partners provided detail information on future planning. Shona, talked through directors duties and responsibilities. 

Rod provided practical information on cashflow management and financial modelling tools for planning.

🕒 Thursday 3 December 2020

📌 Brexit: The last lap – Alan Davis, VAT Partner

📌 Payroll reflections of the year – Avril Craig, Manager 

At our last event of 2020, we took time to reflect and heard from Alan again, who provided detailed information on Brexit and the overall changes. 

We also heard from Avril, who discussed the payroll reflections of the year and the positives brought by working from home.

🕒 Wednesday 19 August 2020

📌 VAT rate reduction – Alan Davis, VAT Partner 

At our second session, we heard from Alan who discussed the VAT rate reduction in hospitality and gave an overview of the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme. 

🕒 Wednesday 17 June 2020

📌 Workforce planning – Fiona Doctor, HR Director 

At our first event, Fiona talked through the latest changes in the Job Retention Scheme. She also walked through a 6 step process for workforce planning and gave an overview of contracts of employment. 

She concluded by offering insights into returning to the workplace and considering important issues such as mental health. 


Sign up for our next session - February 19 2021

To register for our virtual network, please complete the form below. There is also the option to send us any question you may have in advance, which Alan will answer on an anonymous basis during his talk.


I really enjoyed the forum, very informative both Shona and Rod’s talk was very helpful. Thanks for the cashflow template – it will be very useful. Also great to chat with other accountants who like me are sole-practitioners.

It’s great to chat to other small accountants, share our experiences and knowledge and gain knowledge from the experts from Henderson Loggie. Look forward to joining the meetings in 2021!

Where will the session take place?

The virtual event will take place on Zoom which is free to use.

  • If you already have a Zoom account, we recommend you log in to view or watch through the desktop app.
  • If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can join the forum without logging in to Zoom by viewing through your web browser on a desktop or laptop.
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