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Our group operates as a non-competing, supportive peer network which recognises that not all accountancy firms will have specific specialists for everything an accountant can be asked by clients. It also recognises that sometimes it’s really useful – particularly in challenging times – to simply discuss issues with friendly practitioners in similar positions on a confidential basis where trust is assured. It is open to accountancy firms who wish to share knowledge, network and get information on current issues. This can allow us all to not only provide great client service but ensure strong practice protection.

We provide videos on specific topics that we feel may be helpful to you. We send this out through email and you can find all our previous videos here on our page. Please feel free to let us know any topics you would like us to cover as we would be happy to do so.

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I really enjoyed the forum, very informative both Shona and Rod’s talk was very helpful. Thanks for the cashflow template – it will be very useful. Also great to chat with other accountants who like me are sole-practitioners.

It’s great to chat to other small accountants, share our experiences and knowledge and gain knowledge from the experts from Henderson Loggie. Look forward to joining the meetings in 2021!