Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their potential, as individuals to be the person they want to be and to create the businesses they dream to have and from this to create wealth for the local economy now and to leave a legacy for the future in the communities where we are located.

Our coaching is tailored to suit busy schedules with one-to-one sessions designed to help an individual develop a clear one-page plan. Ongoing coaching support solutions are provided to help that person implement their performance plan and boost their probability of change success.

Why coaching might be for you?

How it works

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between coach and coachee in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximise personal and professional potential. It is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal / professional / business goals and to develop a strategy or plan for achieving these goals.

Next steps

Contact our experienced coaches below, to discuss your individual needs today.

Why not explore our full range of diagnostics, which allow you to rate yourself against a series of questions about a specific topic.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be provided with an indication of your strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve in both your business and personal life.


“Susan is knowledgeable, engaging and, most importantly, genuine; caring just as much about her client’s business as they do themselves.

Susan has helped to coach and mentor me personally, as well as enhancing my leadership team through improving both our approach to problem solving and our use of tools.

I would highly recommend Susan to any business leader looking to find a real coach who brings honesty and sense-checking when it’s needed most.”

“We engaged Susan to support a coaching need within the business after she was recommended to us by someone in another part of our Group.

Susan has been coaching our Head of Finance for over 12 months now to build confidence and encourage a higher level of critical thinking. Over the last twelve months, our Head of Finance has grown significantly in terms of confidence and assertiveness and we have decided to continue with the coaching for an extended period of time.

Susan is down to earth, focussed and has a naturally supportive style which challenges without being intimidating – perfect for our needs.”

Our Coaches

David Smith

Business Coach

Susan Godman

Business Coach

Jacqueline Watson

Business Coach

All our coaches are accredited Mindshop facilitators. Mindshop is a global training and management consultancy organisation and has three levels of coaching accreditations. All of our coaches have achieved the highest level of Mindshop Expert.

Henderson Loggie & Our Training Partner, Mindshop

Our Board and Senior Management teams have used Mindshop to grow and develop our staff since 1999. We work with Mindshop to deliver our Business Leader Groups which have been running for 9 years and we use Mindshop tools and training to provide our clients with strategic support and direction.

Mindshop have delivered business and leadership training to over 10,000 people since it was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 and over 1600 people have used their online training programs since 2009. It has successfully provided strategy tools, methodologies and support to thousands of businesses and senior people for over 20 years and has clients in over 10 countries providing it a wealth of international experience.