Performance Enhancement Coaching

Do you have a team member who has stagnated in their role?

Do you have high performers that have plateaued in their development?

Are productivity levels in the team dropping due to poor performers?

Our performance enhancement coaching is tailored to suit busy schedules with an initial performance audit
followed by a one-to-one session designed to help an individual develop a clear one-page plan to turn-around
or accelerate their performance.

Post the initial one-on-one session ongoing coaching support solutions are provided to help that person
implement their performance plan and boost their probability of change success.

How we deliver

Our proven methodology focuses on outcomes to get leaders or managers back on track:

  • We’ll send pre-work, including online diagnostic tools to dig deeper into challenges and ensure we get the most possible out of the session.
  • We then conduct a 2-hour intensive session to dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities.
  • Participants come away with their top three actions and a clear 90-day one page plan.
  • If required, we agree an ongoing frequency of coaching to assist plan implementation and address issues and opportunities.

What can participants expect from the performance coaching program?

  1. Understand the behaviours necessary to be a high performing leader or manager.
  2. Set performance goals.
  3. Dig deeper into performance barriers and work out why they are occurring.
  4. Learn practical business and personal tools to address performance issues now and into the future.
  5. Come away with an actionable plan.
  6. Be held accountable for getting it done.

Don’t let productivity continue to decline in your team or let high performers stagnate in their roles. Contact our
experienced advisors below, to discuss individual performance improvement needs today.

If you’d like to identify the top 3 areas that are working well and the top 3 areas you need to work on to enhance your employees’ performance, complete our 20-question diagnostic by clicking the button below.

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