Forthcoming HR legislation 2021

1 January 2021New immigration scheme comes into force for all applicants regardless of nationality
1 April 2021National Minimum Wage will increase.
In addition, the age from which employees are entitled to the national minimum wage is due to reduce from 25 to 23.
30 April 2021The Job Retention Scheme has been extended until 30 April 2021. 
6 April 2021IR35 update: large and medium-sized organisations in the private sector who engage contractors through intermediary companies will be responsible for assessing the employment status of those contractors.
30 June 2021EU Settlement Scheme closes to applicants
30 September 2021The Job Retention Scheme will close.
5 October 2021The EHRC will start enforcing the publication of gender pay gaps for public and private companies in 2021.
To be confirmedNew law prohibiting confidentiality clauses in contracts or settlement agreements from preventing disclosures to the police, regulated health and care or legal professionals to be introduced
To be confirmed New law requiring confidentiality clauses to set out their limitations to be introduced
To be confirmed Laws on criminal record disclosures to be amended, reducing the disclosure period for sentences lasting four years or less
To be confirmed Redundancy protection for new parents to be extended
To be confirmed New law introducing right for all workers to request a more predictable and stable contract after 26 weeks’ service to be introduced
To be confirmed New law to increase break in continuous employment from one week to four weeks to be introduced
To be confirmed New law preventing deductions from ‘tips’ to be introduced
To be confirmed New legislation to clarify employment status tests to be introduced
To be confirmedNew law introducing tribunal sanctions where organisations commit repeated breaches to be introduced
To be confirmedExtension of shared parental leave to grandparents