What to expect at an introductory meeting with us

What happens when you go to meet an accountant for the first time? How long does it take? Do you have to pay? What sort of preparation do you need to do?

If you’ve never worked with an accountant before, these questions are quite normal.

To set your mind at ease, here’s what to expect when you come in for an introductory meeting at Henderson Loggie.

First of all, let’s set the scene about our intro meetings:

  • they’re free of charge and involve no commitment.
  • they usually last 30–60 minutes.
  • we won’t give you the hard sell.
  • you won’t need to sign anything.
  • you will get coffee and a chocolate biscuit.

You don’t need to bring anything with you to the meeting, but if you have a business plan or some accounting records, they might help to speed things up a bit.

We use these intro meetings to find out more about each other. We know a new university graduate looking to start a business will need something different from an experienced company owner looking to wind down a bit.

Finding out more about you means we can understand what you’re really looking for from an accountancy service. That way, we can recommend which of our departments would be best to support you, should you decide to work with us.

The meeting also gives you a chance to try us on for size. If you ever wanted to work with us, you’d need to be sure you like us and that there’s some rapport before you jump in. Our no-strings chat lets you do that without the pressure of having to sign any agreements or contracts.

What about after the meeting?

Once the intro meeting is over, we’ll send you a proposal of what we think would be best for you, based on what you’ve told us. Because we don’t use set packages, the meeting is important in helping us come up with a service tailored to you and your needs.

Sometimes, we might need to get specialist input before we can draw up your proposal. For example, you might have asked some questions that we need to refer to our corporate finance department. In such cases, it might take us a little longer to send over your proposal.

Even at this stage, we don’t ask for any signatures or commitment from you.

You can review your proposal in your own time and then let us know whether you’d like to move forward.

If you accept the proposal, we’ll do a little happy dance (not filmed) and then start the process to get you on board as a new client.

This onboarding is usually quick if you don’t already have an accountant. But we’ll check with the relevant advisers if you do already have an existing accountant, as a professional courtesy.

Let’s sum up

That’s a quick look at what to expect from intro meetings with us. It’s a friendly, no-pressure environment, and a great way to check that we like each other before considering whether to work together.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by completing the form below.