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Since the late 1980s, our team has worked with some of Scotland’s most dynamic and inspiring businesses, from large international media companies, through to digital and creative agencies, publishers and photographers. Our team also has a particular specialism in working with independent video game developers.

Whether you are looking to grow and develop your existing business or discuss an initial business idea, arrange a discovery call with a member of our team today and we would be happy to help you on your journey.

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Services to the Games & Digital sector

  • Accounting & Business Solutions
  • Growth & Strategic Financial Support
  • Tax Planning
  • Video Games Tax Relief
  • Funding Advice
  • Cloud Accounting

The importance of business development for your games company

In this video, David Hamilton from Ninja Kiwi covers how to find a mentor for your games company and how business development is just as important as creating a great game.

Getting your games company ready to negotiate with publishers

In this video, Colin Anderson from Denki covers how publishers can help with funding and marketing your game and how you can pitch your game to them.

How to start a games company after University

In this video, Jamie Bankhead from Konglomerate Games covers what he’s learned since leaving university and how you can go about funding your start-up games company.

What is Video Games Tax Relief?

Did you know that Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) allows UK game developers to claim back 20% of their production costs?

In this video, Grant Snedden, Tax Consultant here at MHA Henderson Loggie, shares a brief overview of what Video Games Tax Relief is, who qualifies and how to make a claim.

5 Questions to Consider Before Starting up a Games Studio

Are you thinking about starting up a games studio but are unsure about the business side of making your own games?

In this video, Stephen Bain, Head of Games & Digital here at MHA Henderson Loggie, shares the top 5 questions to consider before starting up a games studio after University.

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Our work in this sector

We have worked with Denki, a ‘digital toy factory’, for 14 years. The company is the creator of over 180 individual games, covering a range of platforms.

Denki wanted to develop their intellectual property. As part of this process, they selected a number of projects for potential IP development and we worked with them to develop a decision matrix that would act as a filter to ensure the time the company invested would be on projects that should be commercially successful, rather than technically challenging. Coaching was provided on how to implement the decision matrix and how to ensure the correct factors and weightings were applied. As a result of using the decision matrix Denki pursued projects that it may not have otherwise considered but which proved to be commercially successful.

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