Charging and Disbursement Recovery Policy

The policy of this firm is to charge out the time which each member of staff actually spends on an assignment, at the rate applicable for that member of staff in the period in question.  All operational staff and insolvency administration staff, together with the time spent by the insolvency cashier, is charged in fractions of one hour, the smallest being 6 minutes, or one tenth of an hour.

The current charge rates are included below:

Grade of StaffHourly Charge out
rate from 1/10/20
Hourly Charge out
rate from 1/5/19
Previous Rates
from 1/5/17
Previous Rates
from 1/5/16
Insolvency Practitioner350327320310
Senior Manager250250250245
Assistant Manager150150150145
Case Administrators 
Senior Administrator130130125120

No charge is made for secretarial staff, or ancillary cash room staff. 

Direct outlays incurred by the firm on behalf of any assignment are reflected in the period accounts of intro-missions as “Outlays”.  These costs are directly recharged to the assignment, and recovered as soon as funds allow.  No general overhead recovery is charged to the individual assignments until the final scheme of division as a provision for final costs.

Other disbursements are charged as follows:

DisbursementCharge £
PhotocopyingNo Charge
Postage (only in exceptional circumstances,
where large numbers of creditors exist)
Per current postal charges
TravelAs per cost
Car Mileage45p per mile
Document Storage (Internal)Nil
Document Storage (External)Assessed on case by case basis